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Our mission is for Waltham Teens to get fit and have fun in a safe, age appropriate, and effective program!

All levels welcome! No prior experience is required to participate.

ONE Nation Teens

Through hard work, our program prepares teens for all-around athleticism. They get stronger, faster, more powerful, and improve flexibility. They learn about performance nutrition, and get set up to be an ‘athlete for life,’ whether within CrossFit, another sport, or just as fitter adults.

The program also delivers valuable lessons about life: hard work, character, courage and overcoming adversity, which gives them confidence to take on life’s tasks. Most importantly, they develop a love of fitness at an early age which will stay with them for life!

This is an excellent program to provide off-season strength and conditioning, or as an in-season supplement to more sport-specific training done outside of ONE Nation.



(781) 929-5400



10 Charles St. Needham, MA
221 Bear Hill Rd. Waltham, MA