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The workout regimen and nutrition program really accelerated my progress… It’s also nice to know that I have the input of the coaches to keep me on track and focused to sustain my nutrition goal. 



I had all the same trepidation you probably are having right now: It looks hard…expensive….I am going to get hurt…. The coaches believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself and after awhile you will start to believe in yourself too.



While I was active and did not consider myself “unfit” I am “old”, so my first reaction was FEAR! I didn’t think I would be able to keep up with the image I had of Crossfitters — young and jacked. I had been experiencing reoccurring back pain from two bulging disks for a couple of years and did not want to risk further… I have never felt stronger, healthier or younger. My back doesn’t hurt anymore because I have developed core strength.



We have made great progress and have always felt supported in our scaled workouts… Crossfit has made a big difference in our strength and flexibility…We are so appreciative of the incredible team at One Nation for their positive and supportive approach in making workouts fun.



 I was negative, I was insecure and I was unhappy. I told myself I could quit… A year after starting I got my sister to try it, 6 months after that my mom, a year after that my dad. And now… it’s something we do as family.



My journey into CrossFit was not intended, in fact, it was the last thing I expected… From that point on my life changed, the weight started to come off almost immediately, and in about two months I’d lost ~20lbs… The support and encouragement I have received from everyone have been exceptional, especially those who I have had the pleasure of being coached by, working out with and getting to know in the last 12 months.



I will never forget the first time I walked into CrossFit One Nation in Needham. I was terrified… People from all backgrounds, and of all fitness levels, were present as I began my own journey towards becoming more fit… The coaches and peers in my class quickly became friends and people that I depended on to pick me up when I felt like I just couldn’t do another rep.



I somehow overcame my self-doubt and signed up… Not only was I seeing physical results, but I just felt better from the inside. I didn’t feel so sluggish, I was sleeping better, and most importantly I was happier; I am happier… I’m so grateful for this program, it gave me the kick start into this new lifestyle. I only wish I found it sooner.



My journey with ONE Nation has been life changing, and in all honesty, probably life-saving… I was extremely skeptical at first!.. A little less than two months ago I was in a pretty bad car accident – resulting in a bad concussion, and some back and neck issues… I am now back in class, working hard under the watchful eye of the coaching staff.