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What is ONE Nation Sports Therapy?

ONE Nation Sports Rehab offers some of the best sports-specific therapy for individuals who experience the natural wear and tear of an active lifesytle..

ONE Nation is fortunate enough to have two excellent doctors who have set up times specifically to treat and educate the community’s members. All three ONE Nation locations will have weekly times for members to meet with and receive treatment from these awesome medical professionals.



Thursday: 8:00AM – 1:00PM

3:00PM – 7:00PM


Tuesday: 2:00PM & 7:00PM


Friday: 2:00PM & 7:00PM


ONE Nation – Boston

100 Holton Street, Rear
Brighton, MA 02135

CrossFit ONE Nation - Boston

CrossFit ONE Nation – Boston

ONE Nation – Needham

10 Charles Street
Needham, MA 02494

ONE Nation – Waltham

221 Bear Hill Road
Waltham, MA 02451

About the Docs

Dr. Todd Dersham

Dr. Todd Dersham

Sports Chiropractor

Dr. Todd Dersham is a chiropractor that focuses on the treatment of soft tissue structures along with restoring strength imbalances to improve joint health to increase longevity. He specializes in creating a functional diagnosis which is a detailed plan that describes why you are experiencing symptoms, compared to what structure is being irritated or injured. It’s important to know what structures are involved, but it’s much more important to know why from a working/functional stand-point. He currently co-owns a chiropractic clinic with his wife in Fall River, MA and is a staff member of the Active Life, an online training system to restore joint health by reducing the risk of injury by fixing mobility issues and strength imbalances.

If you have questions for Todd, he can be reached at: toddldersham@gmail.com

Dr. Tim Simansky

Dr. Tim Simansky

Sports Chiropractor

Dr. Tim Simansky is a sports chiropractor, strength coach and, international lecturer. He is most notably known for his involvement in the CrossFit community. Dr. Tim focuses on rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement of functional fitness athletes.
Dr. Simansky has been a member of the CrossFit Games Athlete Services at both the Regional and Games level since 2012. He has acted as the East Regional co-director of Athlete Services since 2015.
Aside from his physical participation in CrossFit, Dr. Simansky maintains a constant virtual presence as the founder of TheWODdoc.com. Through his involvement in WODdoc, Dr. Simansky has been honored with the opportunity to lecture and work around the world.
Dr. Simansky specializes in treatment of the following areas:
· Shoulder
· Knee
· Back
· Neck
Techniques & Certifications.
– Graston/IASTM – the use of instruments to treat musculoskeletal injuries
– ART – active release therapy – a hand-based method used to restore dysfunctional soft tissues.
– Therapuedic Exercise – corrective exercise instruction used to restore dysfunctional movement patterns
– Rocktape – kinesiology taping method used to reduce pain, restore movement, and decrease swelling.

If you have questions for Tim, he can be reached at: docsimansky@gmail.com or 570-499-0381