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Sam Horenstein

Sam Horenstein

Head Coach - Needham; Head Coach Kids and Teens Program

Sam was introduced to the world of CrossFit 4 years ago, prior to that he was a graphic designer that spent 6 years behind a desk. Through this newfound community he learned about better movement, nutrition, and rekindled his passion for educating others. Sam has been involved in training and coaching his entire life since training as a collegiate athlete at UMass Amherst, to developing corporate design teams, and through CrossFit over the past 3 years.
Coaching is his passion, and CrossFit has given Sam a forum to extend this enthusiasm on a large scale. Sam strives to better the health and performance of all of his athletes through CrossFit. As our CrossFit Kids coach, his goal is to educate children, preteens and teenagers about functional fitness and inspire them to pursue it. With our children, we are not only able to potentially enhance their lives, but we also have the opportunity to shape their lives and their realities within them. Your child’s safety and opportunity to potentiate their personal lives are his primary concern.
• CrossFit: Level 1
• CrossFit: Level 2
• CrossFit Kids
• Strength & Conditioning Coach, The Roxbury Latin School
• USA Weightlifting: Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
Athletic Achievements
• 2012 Northeast Regional: Team, CrossFit Fenway
• Collegiate Fencer: Sabre


Clean and Jerk


Back Squat