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Summer 2016, I decided what I was doing for both fitness and nutrition just wasn’t working. I somehow overcame my self-doubt and signed up for New You Program. The fitness part was going to be hard, but I was honestly more worried about the nutrition aspect. I have struggled for many years with yo-yo calorie counting, and that just wasn’t cutting it. So I decided, the first day of New You I was also going to also change my diet. No processed foods, no dairy, no added sugar. Meat, veggies, nuts, and fruit would be the base of my diet; and no obsessing about calorie counting! I didn’t know what to except, but the results started speaking for themselves. Not only was I seeing physical results, but I just felt better from the inside. I didn’t feel so sluggish, I was sleeping better, and most importantly I was happier; I am happier. And there were days were I gave into temptation, but those bad days didn’t define me anymore. I would just move on, and get back on track. New You came and went, and I still mostly follow the eating methods I started with. It works for me, and most importantly it helped me find that balance everyone is always talking about, the balance I couldn’t seem to find before. I’m so grateful for this program, it gave me the kick start into this new lifestyle. I only wish I found it sooner.


While my journey with ONE Nation has been life changing, and in all honesty, probably life-saving.

For those of you who don’t know me my name’s MaKayla – you can usually find me, with a smile, at Needham! I joined ONE Nation January 2017 with the New You Program – a 6-week program designed to introduce you to CrossFit and allow you to gain confidence and comfort with the movements before you go into an actual class. If you haven’t already guessed it by now, I stuck around after those 6 weeks. Don’t get me wrong…I was extremely skeptical at first! That was short-lived (probably like 3 minutes into the first class, if I’m being honest). I showed up early to almost every New You class just to watch a little of the class before mine – I had found my “fix.”

A little bit of what brought me to Crossfit – I moved to the Boston area in August of last year. I moved from RI, so not too far away…but far enough where it felt like I needed to start over. I was/still am “newly” out of college, where I played Division I field hockey. The training, on the field and in the weight room, was my life. The team was my life. I ate, slept, and trained. And now I coach Division I field hockey. I have a job where that lifestyle never went away..except now I’m not the one training, but coaching the training – Crossfit has allowed me to still do what I love and what I have known my whole life..eat, sleep, and train!!  Until about two months ago…

A little less than two months ago I was in a pretty bad car accident – resulting in a bad concussion, and some back and neck issues. Similar to probably a lot of you – when a Dr. tells me to “relax” that’s not something that comes easy or even something that I enjoy. When I was finally able to start physical therapy one of the first movements she asked me to do was touch my toes. Something, for me, 2 weeks before would have been so easy… it was like she had just asked me to do a muscle-up. “Frustrating” was probably my most over-used word at this point in my recovery. However, after more X-rays and MRI’s and CT scans – when my Dr. told me that being as strong and fit as I was had saved my body from any life-threatening injuries…that put a few things into perspective. I’ve been back to the gym. I sit on the turf and watch. I live vicariously through all of you until I can be back out there with you. Yes, because I miss it. Yes, because I wish I could train hard!. And yes, because I am forever grateful for this journey, this gym, and this family. 

PS to the story…MaKayla is now back in class, working hard under the watchful eye of the coaching staff and her fellow athletes.