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Jono Whitehead

Hometown: Plymouth, UK
Start @ ONE Nation: September 2016

Why do you coach?

Jono started Crossfit at the end of 2011 in his home town at Crossfit Plymouth in the UK. He developed as a coach and athlete for 15 months before taking a career opportunity to coach in Kuwait at the country’s first affiliate, Crossfit Circuit Plus. Jono spent 18 months in the Middle East coaching and educating the community about health and fitness. While in Kuwait, he made Regionals as an individual athlete. Gaining athletic recognition allowed him the opportunity to acquire his visa to come to the US to compete on the 2015 CFNE Team that went to the CrossFit Games. Jono has been in the US since 2014, coaching at Crossfit Synergistics. Jono is excited to be part of the Crossfit One Nation community. He especially looks forward to helping athletes achieve their goals and showing them that they are physically and mentally capable beyond what they expect of themselves.


CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)
Crossfit Level 2 (CF-L2)
Crossfit Gymnastics
Crossfit Kids
Crossfit Football
Crossfit Aerobic Capacity
2013 Asia Regionals – Individual
2014 Asia Regionals – Individual
2015 East Regional – Team Crossfit New England
2015 Crossfit Games – Team Crossfit New England

Fun Facts:

Favorite Food: Home, going to the beach surfing relaxing.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Home, going to the beach surfing relaxing.
Favorite Sport to Watch // Play: Rugby, Swimming, Olympics or any finals.
Favorite Cheat Food: If it’s high calorie or what some people may deem “bad” for me, then that’s my cheat meal or snack.
Favorite Adult Beverage: Rum
Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner and why?: All, as each meal is an opportunity to eat some amazing cheat meals.
Horror, Action, Comedy, RomCom?: Love films, so any.
Dogs or Cats?: Dogs 100% – Chewie
Life Pet Peeve(s): Rudeness, Bad drivers, People who bite their cutlery when eating, Eating with an open mouth, Slurping when drinking, Also flies – I hate flies / mosquitos.
3 Hobbies outside of CrossFit: Surfing (basically anything water based), Photography, Any sport
3 Things on your Life Bucket List: 1) Go to the Maldives before it disappears, 2) Go on a safari, 3) Go to the north pole. Basically take advantage of what the world has to offer; it’s a big world out there!!!
Embarrassing Childhood Memory: Going to Disney World when I was 5 to go crazy on the rides and get my picture taken with all the characters.
Favorite Childhood Memory: Swimming in our backyard pool with the kids in neighborhood. Swimming in the ocean and body surfing. Swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas. Swimming across the lake with my dad. Swimming on a swim team. Swimming in waterfalls and brooks when camping. Anything with swimming.
Describe yourself in 5 words or less: Introvert, Sarcastic, Dry, Active, Laid Back