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Conor Murphy

Conor Murphy

Weekend Coach

Conor has been a level one certificate holder since February of 2011. Conor moved up to Canton Mass to coach at Reebok CrossFit one after 2 years as the head coach at Reebok CrossFit St Thomas. Conor is most known for his passion and enthusiasm in the gym. “I am so excited to be on the starting line-up for a box of this caliber. I most look forward to creating a community of people who strive for excellence and to help increase our athletes work capacity inside and out of the box.

CrossFit: Level 1
CrossFit: Level 2

CrossFit: Level 3
CrossFit: Football
CrossFit: Endurance
CrossFit: Rowing

CrossFit Level 1 Staff Member

CrossFit Games
2012 Latin America Regionals: 3rd place
2013 Latin America Regionals: 2nd place
2014 Latin America Regionals: 2nd place


Back Squat

Shoulder Press

Clean and Jerk