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Hey ONE Nation!!!

We are excited to announce some fantastic new programs. We will be offering these special classes at both locations, but space is limited so that the coaches can spend more time with each of the athletes. Click on the link below to register for your class before they sell out!

We’ve got a bunch of glorious options for you to choose from…

Endurance Training with Lachlan and Vivian

Coach: Lachlan McGonigle (running) and Vivian Simmons (rowing)
Location: Offsite Tracks in Needham and Waltham.  Rowing in Needham’s Annex.
Dates: 6/6 – 7/27
Day of Week: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 5:30 – 6:30pm
Charge: $150
Cap: 16 people

This class is designed for athletes of all levels looking to increase their competency in the skills of running and rowing while building their aerobic capacity using these two elements! This class can supplement or replace sessions within the athletes current schedule. Coaches Vivian and Lachlan are looking to create a fun, interesting and different approach to both movements, meanwhile creating a better relationship and understanding of them. Ultimately, the goal is to help athletes move better, feel better, and become fitter by providing the right tools and knowledge in a novel way.

“One of the reasons we came up with CrossFit Endurance was to help the CrossFit athlete develop a bigger gas tank; that is, develop stamina,” CrossFit Endurance seeks to replace cardiorespiratory endurance with stamina.


Power Lifting with Larry

Coach: Larry Thomas
Location: Needham Annex
Dates: Coming in JUNE (16 classes + homework)
Day of Week: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 5:30 – 6:30pm
Charge: $150
Cap: 12 people

This program is designed to improve overall strength and technique in the three competition lifts of the sport (Squat, Bench, and Deadlift). Athletes will follow a progressive regimen designed to continually maximize loads at each lift. There will be a personalized 3-day program for all participants (2 days in class, 1 day of homework).

Led by Coach Larry, head coach of the Powerlifting team at Northeastern University, this will be a benefit to all skill levels.


Learn to Erg Clinic with Vivian

Coach: Vivian Simmons
Location: Needham Main Room
Dates: April 23rd
Day of Week: Sunday
Time: 9am – 10am
Charge: $FREE
Cap: 20 people (SOLD OUT).  E-mail info@crossfitonenation.com to secure your spot in the Clinic.

Learn how to row efficiently and use the Erg to your advantage in workouts. Vivian will share her collegiate rowing experience to create a more efficient way of training on a rower. She will prioritized proper movement patterns and body position. She will also highlight strength training to develop these rowing positions and create the endurance needed to produce repeatable, efficient, race-pace speed.

After the Clinic please join us for a fun Sunday 10am WOD featuring ROWING!!!

Barbell Club with Sam and Erika

Coach: Sam Horenstein
Location: Needham Annex
Dates: April 11th – June 13th (8 classes + homework)
Day of Week: Tuesday
Time: 5am – 6am (rise and grind!)
Charge: $150
Cap: 10 (SOLD OUT)


Coach: Erika Snyder
Location: Waltham Street Side
Dates: April 11th – June 13th (8 classes + homework)
Day of Week: Tuesday
Time: 5:15pm – 6:15pm
Charge: $150
Cap: 10 people (SOLD OUT)

This Barbell class in Needham and Waltham is designed to supplement your current CrossFit training. Each class will focus on a weightlifting or powerlifting skill or technique designed to improve your performance in CrossFit. Athletes of all skill levels are welcome. Programmed in an 8-week cycle to advance your technique, build your strength; increase your speed and capacity within an assortment of barbell movements -not limited to the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. The cycle will revolve around 1 day of coached lifting in a small group and one day of independent study per week, culminating in a taper and test via a mock weightlifting meet.


Aussie Beach Bodies with Lachlan

Coach: Lachlan McGonigle
Location: Waltham Street Side
Dates: April 13th – June 15th (8 classes + homework)
Day of Week: Thursday
Time: 5:15 – 6:15pm
Charge: $150
Cap: 8 people (SOLD OUT)

This class is aimed at making your mobility, accessory and pre-habilitation work fun and interesting. This class will help prevent injuries and strengthen those underdeveloped movement patterns. By using range of motion and strength balance assessments, we can identify and target each individual's limitations. The goal is to supplement your current training and improve your performance by targeting weaknesses and enhancing the way you move. Ultimately, the aim is to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere to improve your movement and get better!



Because space is limited and classes will sell out, we cannot hold a spot till the registration form is completed.