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While I was already on my way to my weight loss goals when I started working out at One Nation, the workout regimen and nutrition program really accelerated my progress. I started on the Paleo diet due to the One Nation nutrition challenge, something that I don’t think I ever would have started without the guidance of Meag and the rest of the coaches. Sure, actual physical work is the basis for CrossFit but I seriously under estimated the affect that nutrition can have on my body. It’s also nice to know that I have the input of the coaches to keep me on track and focused to sustain my nutrition goals.



I actually started with CF1N back in February 2016. But I had all the same trepidation you probably are having right now: It looks hard. It is expensive. I am going to get hurt. I have lifted since high school. I have done 2 marathons. I ate kale and actually did not hate it. But even in doing so I was still a heavy guy. After a while I began to quit. I just said “I am a fat guy and that’s just it”. But in late 2015 I had that moment. You know the “Enough is Enough” moment. Technically I had several all at once – I had a wedding coming up and my father was diagnosed with Cancer and had preexisting Diabetes (he is all good now don’t worry there is a happy ending here). I was clocking in at about 285lb and was pretty sure I was entering early stages of depression. So all the same trepidation that you and I were both having suddenly became moot. I needed something that was going to be hard. I could stay in a couple of weeknights and lay off the beers to save some money. And I was already hurting myself with my health so what did I have to lose?

So going back: why October 16th? That was the day I got my first Pull Up. EVER. In my whole life. remember how I told you I have been lifting since high school? Well my dirty little secret is that I could never do a pull up. and after awhile I quit trying. I just assumed it was going to be one of those things that I never will do. CF (and One Nation by that extension) pushes you. The coaches believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself and after awhile you will start to believe in yourself too.

I have hit my one year anniversary at CF1N (as of 2/18) and I can say this to you: I have lost 60lbs. I can fit in cool pants again. I have made significant changes to my life that have not only affected me but everyone around me. My parents go to the gym and eat SIGNIFICANTLY healthier. My coworkers who at first thought I was weird with all of my Tupperware containers and shakers now support me and actually Zone Diet with me. Collectively my team of coworkers have lost about 100lbs as well. My wife lost 20lbs. CF doesn’t just change you; It has the power to change everyone around you.
Make the investment in yourself financially and mentally. I am worth it. You are worth it. CF1N helped teach me that and I have nothing but love for all the people there.


Crossfit? Me? Are you kidding! My son, daughter in-law and daughter were all enthusiastic Crossfitters. They wanted me to try it because they cared about me and wanted me to be as mobile and strong as possible as I aged. They explained it is all about learning the proper mechanics of movement that we have lost in our sedentary, TV watching, desk sitting lives. My son, an Army Ranger, researched Crossfit gyms in my area and determined that One Nation had superior coaching. It’s critical to have knowledgeable experienced coaches!

While I was active and did not consider myself “unfit” I am “old”, so my first reaction was FEAR! I didn’t think I would be able to keep up with the image I had of Crossfitters -young and jacked. I had been experiencing reoccurring back pain from two bulging disks for a couple of years and did not want to risk further injury.

My children did not give up encouraging me to try. I received weekly phone calls gently asking if I had contacted Crossfit. In the end it was a video my son sent of a man who was overweight and out of shape, who fell and couldn’t get up, and committed to a life change by joining Crossfit. This video finally convinced me that if he could do it, I could it. This is one of the attractions of Crossfit, mutual support and inspiration. It is not a one size fits all program. The exercises are modified to fit your ability and everyone is encouraged and supported by others. Within the same class there are people of varying ages, shapes and conditions.

To avoid failure I set a realistic goal of three classes per week. After several months I was experiencing more success and seeing changes in my physique. At ten months I tried their nutrition challenge of eliminating five things from my diet, simple and focused. At the end of the eight week challenge I had lost 15 pounds and I saw a huge change in my body and my ability to perform.

I announced during my initial on ramp assessment, “I hate gyms, I hate loud music and I’m not lifting those barbells”. Imagine a year and a half later, with a commitment to only three hours of exercise a week and to eliminating a few things from my diet, I have never felt stronger, healthier or younger. My back doesn’t hurt anymore because I have developed core strength. I love my gym, I lift barbells and do rope climbs, but I’m still not crazy about loud music. I’m a grandmother, I have gray hair, I’m 60, and if I can do it, you can do it!!


Jeff joined ONE Nation in early 2016 and Jen started the following September. We are incredibly happy with the community, the culture, and of course, the workouts. We each have played various team sports throughout our lives and have always considered ourselves athletic, but Crossfit has taken us to higher levels, which is pretty exciting at our age!  Jeff still plays hockey and Jen plays racquet sports, which can be hard on the body, but Crossfit has made a big difference in our strength and flexibility. Who knew we would be trading success stories about barbells and handstands and high intensity cardio in our fifties? We have made great progress and have always felt supported in our scaled workouts.  We are officially “addicted” to Crossfit – we love the diversity of movement, the challenges, and the camaraderie.  We are so appreciative of the incredible team at One Nation for their positive and supportive approach in making workouts fun. Everyone is encouraged to go at a pace that works for them. And every workout results in an “endorphin high” that makes for a great day. It’s this great feeling that drives us during the workout and makes Crossfit a highlight and a priority for us.  I guess the depth of our appreciation can best be captured by the fact that we invent our own Crossfit workouts when we are deep in the Adirondack woods with no Crossfit nearby. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Norregaard Family

Never in my whole life did I think I’d be able to do, a pull up, climb a rope (I was the girl that was always conveniently ill on those days in gym), do a double under, deadlift more than my body weight, get my toes to the bar, or be a coach (who let that happen?…yikes).
I always said the moment I was able to do a pull up, I’d quit. Well I got my first pull-up almost two years ago and I haven’t quit yet. Achievements never equals happiness and we’re always striving to be more…never satisfied…it can be a bummer.
I was the “fluffy” girl who was scared when she first started at One Nation in October of 2014. I was negative, I was insecure and I was unhappy. I told myself I could quit whenever I wanted but the community and coaches kept me coming…something about individuals with a strong work ethic who really care. In hindsight CrossFit kept me from going down a rabbit hole of depression. A hole I didn’t know I was on the edge of but, dangerously playing near.
It was one of those things that I loved/hated, appreciated/took for granted and yet cared so much about that I wanted (and still want) everyone I love and care about to be a part of. A year after starting I got my sister to try it, 6 months after that my mom, a year after that my dad.
And now…it’s something we do as family. My sister and I have taken two cross country road trips and both have been centered around CrossFit and dropping into boxes. When she was living across the country it’s what we texted about…what did you deadlift today? Look at the WOD I did today! What’s your one rep max for this?
With my mom, most nights we go over the next day’s WOD. I demonstrate the movements and she asks me questions about it. Everyday I call her and she tells me what she did, what her scales were, the coach she had, and how she was proud of herself. I love that she’s gone from nothing (in terms of fitness) to something.
I’m lucky enough to be there when my dad is there. I get to see him in class and even workout with him. I see him laugh at the RX movements/ weights and then try his hardest in the WOD. I always hear from members how well he moves.
I love going to family dinner and discussing the gains we have made as a family. What did you lift this week? What did you do better? What have you accomplished since out last dinner? To be honest it has been the change in our family we never knew we needed and so appreciate.
We’ve been a pretty active family. Sports, camping, hikes, we’ve been through a few phases..but so far this, this has been what has stuck. What has made us better as individuals and as a family.


8/1/17 is a landmark day for two reasons;  
  1. it represents exactly one year since I joined the CrossFit Family at One Nation
  2. I have achieved my goal weight.  
Neither of these things may seem like a big deal, but to me they are huge. My journey into CrossFit was not intended, in fact, it was the last thing I expected.  I had been adamant it was something that I would never do, or enjoy.  I am often reminded of my words by those dearest to me; I could frequently be heard saying “I have no interest in CrossFit” or “I am never going to CrossFit”.  
Fitness has been important to me for many years with running, Cycling, and Fitness DVD’s such as P90X or Insanity being my exercises of choice.   On the 31st July 2016, I completed my first triathlon (Olympic distance, you may recall my post about the experience last year), having been persuaded to give it ago by a good friend (Mark), the same friend who was trying to convince me to give CrossFit a try.  Well, having completed the triathlon I found it difficult to come up with a reason not to give CrossFit a try, so, I reluctantly agreed to try a session anticipating that this would end all future requests and draw the matter to a close.  
My first experience was not quite what I had expected; The box (the name given to the environment where CrossFit members train)  was quite industrial, and the members were regular people just like me.  While I don’t recall the exact workout, I am fairly sure it consisted of Running (YEAH), skipping (OH NO (single under’s), and Burpees (OMG).  The class was led by Sam an exceptional coach who took the time to ensure everyone was familiar with the movements and could complete the session in a safe and controlled way.  The workout passed quickly, and everyone in the class made me feel welcome, I was hooked!
There are many things I love about CrossFit, but these can be boiled down to:
  1. Variety; there’s a different workout every day
  2. Scaling; if you can’t do the movement as prescribed, there are always options so that everyone can participate and still get a great workout.
  3. Community; everybody is extremely friendly and care about you, praising your successes and helping you when you’re not having the best day.  I love this about CrossFit and especially OneNation (the box I am a member of)
In April this year, having seen the success others had been getting by adjusting their nutrition I decided to speak to  Meaghan (A nutrition expert at One Nation) to see if she could help me.  Having been working out regularly, I considered myself to be relatively fit, but the image I saw in the mirror left me feeling sad, disappointed and lacking confidence,  I knew something needed to change.  I got on the scale during my first meeting with Meaghan, and it read 197lbs, my heart sank (just like I would have if you’d tossed me into the ocean) it was the heaviest I could recall being.  We discussed targets, and I set myself a goal weight of 170lbs.  I didn’t have a time frame in mind but thought this was going to be a long-term goal.  I was advised to stop eating sugar, wheat, and dairy (I remember thinking whats left!).  
From that point on my life changed, the weight started to come off almost immediately, and in about two months I’d lost ~20lbs, at the time of writing this I am within 1lb of my target weight and feel fantastic.  I enjoy a much wider range of foods and no longer suffer from some of the ailments I’d started to take for granted thinking that this was just part and parcel of getting older.
The support and encouragement I have received from everyone have been exceptional, especially those who I have had the pleasure of being coached by, working out with and getting to know in the last 12 months.  I am grateful to everyone, but it’s safe to say I would not be where I am had it not been for One Nation, I owe a massive amount of thanks to them all.


I will never forget the first time I walked into CrossFit One Nation in Needham. I was terrified. It was the first day of my sabbatical and I had allowed myself to fall out of shape due to the grind of my job. I was determined to use my time off to turn a corner with my health, but the thought of throwing myself into Crossfit workouts was way out of my comfort zone. What I found was an incredibly supportive and welcoming community. People from all backgrounds, and of all fitness levels, were present as I began my own journey towards becoming more fit. The coaches and peers in my class quickly became friends and people that I depended on to pick me up when I felt like I just couldn’t do another rep and in turn I felt inspired to help them on the days that they needed that extra boost. Fast forward to the end of my sabbatical and I have lost 35 pounds and couldn’t believe more in the ethos of Crossfit and the strength of the One Nation community. The experience changed the way I eat, the way I workout, the way I set goals and the way I view the process of attaining life long fitness. 
Finally, I am blessed in my job to supervise about 115 coaches in our athletic department and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the greatest strength of One Nation is their phenomenal coaching staff. They are great teachers, great motivators and above all else men and women of enormous character who inspire you to be your very best self. 
The 3 months at One Nation changed my life and there is zero hyperbole in that statement. I am eternally grateful to the folks who got me going in the right direction!