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This poster will be coming to a ONE Nation gym near you, and it truly says everything your coaches say every day to make our communities better. All three are pretty special at ONE Nation and we are proud of how you carry yourselves when you walk through our doors. We want to relay that first and foremost.

Then there are some stragglers that are used to doing what they are used to doing without realizing how their actions look to others. This post isn’t just for you guys. This is for present and future members who may have never thought of something so small to mean something so much across three different communities and ONE team.

When someone wants information and asks me what makes our gym special and unique, I immediately answer with the respect we have for each other as a team. This team mentality includes our ownership, staff, and members. They usually look at me puzzled, and I list the ways our gyms are different. What I list has nothing to do with lifting a barbell.



My top 3 are:
– We start the class together and finish together moving through a warm-up, skill, workout, and cool down. If you are doing you’re own thing, it’s because you are doing open gym, you talked to a coach about your thing, or you are injured.
– We don’t clean up our equipment until the LAST athlete finishes whether they want to be cheered on or not, we support them.
– We have a “come as you are” mentality and “we can get better together” approach. We have all abilities of all ages, race, gender, religion, etc. taking class together every day at all 3 gyms.

They usually nod their head with intrigue, don’t REALLY get it until they see it much like trying CrossFit, and we move on.

If you’ve been in my class, you’ve probably seen someone get stopped to put their weight down and go cheer someone on or wait. You probably have your opinions about it which is totally okay. It might mean absolutely nothing to you if someone cleans their weight as you finish. Well, it means something to us.

You have no idea how much you say or don’t say with actions to the people around you every day. You may get caught up in your own head, and understandably so, it’s easy. But when you are truly part of a team, your actions say everything. 

Picture it and tell me how you feel:
It’s a 20 person class. The workout is Grace. You have 30 Clean and Jerks in front of you at a weight the coach convinced you to try. A weight you are totally not confident in, but something in you chooses it. Something in you decides to take a risk. It’s the biggest risk you are taking that day but that is a pretty damn good risk. You start, you panic, you put it down after 10. Everyone’s hanging on to the bar but you, it seems. You pick it up again for 5. Your lungs are burning. Your head is spinning. You’re only halfway?!? You see others are struggling too but you only feel your pain in that moment. You pick it up and do 2, then 1. You see people start to finish. You rested too long and thought too much about everyone else! Your friend just finished. The fastest guy has been done for minutes. Then it happens. Everyone’s done. You still have 8 grueling reps. You hear the slamming of bars as weights come off. Two people walk in front of your bar with collars and water talking about how hard it was and that they PR’ed. You’re down to singles now and feel alone. You picked this weight. You chose this route. All the thoughts that creep in about how weak or slow you are are the only thoughts you hear. You don’t do this for them, but MAN this hurts today. The weights are cleaned up and you give up mentally. You rest, wait, let your heart rate come down. You finish but you are embarrassed. You told yourself it was too heavy. No one was there to help plant a different thought in your head, and now you walk out with your head down, even though you made the cap and PR’ed your Grace time.

Sound pretty detailed? It’s because I’ve watched it. It’s heartbreaking for someone you know could use a friendly voice. Even though it’s normal to be last sometimes and it’s normal to go slower in some WODS you challenge yourself a bit more on, all they see is defeat because their “team” was done and cleaned up to stand around. Not everyone can or wants to suffer alone in a room with just them and the barbell. For some of these guys and gals, making it in the gym that day and staying positive about a workout is a huge win.

To some, this post might be way feelz. That’s cool. I can give you feelz right back on your hit at my feelz. We proudly stand by our team mentality at ONE Nation. You straight up do not know how you appear to every person you interact with or don’t. The ONLY thing they see is your behavior. The ONLY thing they see is your action or inaction to help. What if you did the opposite? What if you put yourself in that person’s shoes for 2 minutes? Did you know they look at you like a leader? Did you know they think you’re Superman when you soar through the air and they are on kneeling muscle up transition? I bet if you did, you would hopefully act differently.

So Team, try to understand for two minutes of your day that one small gesture could mean nothing to you, but everything to someone else. Don’t clean up your weights until the last teammate finishes.

Or I’ll probably hulk out.