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Are you ready to kick off the year at ONE Nation with a good ole’ Nutrition Challenge?? I knew you would be.

A. Chill.
B. Why? What do you hate about them? Is it that in the name itself, the word challenge immediately raises your shoulders to your ears?

Well, stop that.

Top 5 Reasons to Do The Challenge
Accountability Factor
Collecting New Data on yourself Nutritionally
Performance Improvement
AbzAMY AND KATIE from Waltham

There is value in all the reasons listed above. Accomplishing things as a group is powerful. That’s half the reason most of us do CrossFit. The competition factor can be motivating. If consistent, you immediately see results in your workouts. ABZ goes without saying.

I feel #2 is the most important part of participating in a challenge. Like tracking your workouts, you get to take the opportunity to commit a certain amount of time to learn new information about YOU. That’s really cool. You are different from everyone else. What might be fine your significant other who has 7 donuts from Holy Donut one day, could leave you bedridden with a headache for 3 hours after ONE. (Shout out to Sam). One of the easiest ways to learn new information is by removing/adding certain foods to your diet for 2-3+ weeks. Your self-awareness antenna goes up and suddenly you realize you don’t need dairy, you just want it. You note that whey protein makes you bloated and don’t use it anymore, then the bloat is gone.

GLENN from Needham

GLENN from Needham

In short, you are changing HABITS. Changing habits will spark new behavior and in that behavior, you will achieve results. We are talking little changes like stop the sugar in your coffee or track every day no matter what. The cooler part is you are never done, you just keep learning more. I feel this is the same in CrossFit. We are constantly collecting data on ourselves every WOD. The better athletes and balanced eaters out there are not more genetically gifted or magical creatures. They just work hard with an open mind to learn, maintain constant self-awareness, and big-picture thinking. Health and fitness is truly a journey and you are never done. The reward is not having to worry about disease, decrepitude, and an existence where you get to use the body you were given to live life the way you want to. I don’t know about you, but I am in for that. 🙂



Oh, also. If competition is the motivating reason, well, we are going head to head to head on this for all 3 Gyms. That’s right. Needham vs. Waltham vs. Boston. Prizes TBD, but really, BRAGGING RIGHTS. This is going to go right up until The 2018 CrossFit Open with perfect timing to motivate you to crush life for 5 awesome weeks. That post is next 🙂

LIZ from Waltham

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