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Happy New Year ONE Nation Needham, Boston, and Waltham!

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The blog has returned for the new year in hopes to share, inform, educate, and communicate all the fun happenings at ONE Nation. It has been a great year for us with the addition of CrossFit Boston as a part of the family now going into 2018. This means our communities have grown and our communication from us to you is going to get stronger.

We are starting this year off right by highlighting a very good friend of mine, and most likely, your favorite Aussie – Lachlan McGonigle. Lachlan has taken on the role of Head Coach of CrossFit Boston and he could not be more excited. He would like to say a few words to his Boston members and share more on who is, where he’s been, and how stoked he is to lead the Boston community to better health and fitness. Take it away, Lach 🙂

How I Fell in Love with Coaching Others and Creating Spaces of Compassion

When I was young, all I wanted was to be in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. The SAS is the highest level special operations unit in the Australian Defence force, and it is the place that I saw as giving me the best opportunity to make a difference on this planet. I always felt that I wanted to do something big, I wanted to work hard to help other people toward better futures. There was something about putting a stop to bullying, to helping a friend finish their homework, to being the ear for someone on a bad day that just made me feel good. This feeling paired with my desire to face adversity while doing something physically demanding and challenging beyond the norm, landed me at this goal. I pursued that dream for a decade. I joined the Australian Army and pushed towards SAS selection. Along the road, I found CrossFit. And I fell in love.

First Competition

My first workout was…
For Time:
1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5- 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10,
Thrusters at 95/65 lb
Run 200m

I remember falling to the floor and wheezing, feeling that lactic agony in my legs, I looked at my buddy and said, “This is it. This is what we have been looking for!”. In that moment I felt electric, energized in a way I loved. Shortly thereafter I was given the opportunity to lead the fitness sessions for our section and platoon, and this is where I saw the true magic that was CrossFit. In the weeks and months to follow, through simplistic CrossFit principles, I watched my team get fitter, faster, and stronger than any other unit. We suffered together, and our platoon became closer and stronger than those with many more years experience. Five years down the road, everyone still remembers those days and how fit that crew became. At the time, I had such minimal exposure to coaching, programming, and CrossFit that it amazes me to look back and understand how it worked so well. Through this experience, I learned how it felt to watch others grow, to aid and assist in their process, and how much I loved that.

Last week in AUS

During the next couple of years, I was lucky enough to be part of a small CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Northern Adelaide. It was here that the heart of CrossFit showed itself fully. Within weeks of being a member, I felt I had a family. As I traveled to different states and countries, I visited a host of CrossFit Affiliates and experienced this feeling of family at each box. After returning from deployment in 2014, I felt it was time for a change. With some time and exposure under my belt, I decided that I wanted to create spaces for people to experience what I had, places where I could help others begin their own journey and become part of something incredible.

My favorite thing about CrossFit is the growth with which people go through during every single workout. CrossFit is spiritual in that it is an experience that brings people to a state of mind that allows for them to improve themselves and the lives of others. We see this open-minded attitude in the simple things, like the high fives and easy human contact, the care and admiration for one another’s PRs, the broken down barriers of race, gender, and religion. It is these things that lay the foundation for our success within workouts, as well as our lives. It takes just one CrossFit WOD to feel the energy between you and those suffering alongside you, and this deep understanding carries into our work, relationships, and day to day experiences. We see the body composition changes, we watch the PRs, and we hear the physical duress, but what we feel is the compassion, empathy, and love from our fellow athletes and coaches alike. Cultivating this feeling within our ONE Nation community, the CrossFit community at large, and the world as a whole is why I wake up every morning – it is what drives me to work harder each week. I’ve heard that if you want to change the world, you should start with your street. Instead, I started with my gym.

I cannot wait to develop deep, meaningful relationships with my new Boston members. I am overly excited to assist in building friendships that last a lifetime. The physical and psychological spaces that makeup ONE Nation are beautiful, and they are my home. To our new members, welcome, and to ALL of our members, thank you! Thank you for giving me the extraordinary opportunity to improve the quality of life on this planet.