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Mark & Emma

Where were you born, what’s your middle name, and share one fun fact about yourself:
E: Middle name Jane, Born in Berkshire In the UK . Lived in a little village called Chieveley for the whole of my life before moving to USA ! Especially Big move for me as my parents, my sister, brother, grandmother, cousins , uncles , nephews and nieces all lived in the same village and then moved here with no extended family except for my CrossFit one of course :-0 Fun Fact …. I used to ride Race Horses and once rode around Newbury Race Course – which is a pretty famous course in the UK.
M: I was born in a town called Colchester, which is in Essex County in England, its famous (infamous?) as the oldest recorded town in the UK. It was the Roman Capital before London. My middle name is William, and my fun fact is that I used to DJ in the UK and abroad and I released a record on one of the UK’s top dance labels – it was pretty bad.

When did you start CrossFit and what or who brought you to ONE Nation for your first class?
E: I was so adamant that I was never going to be doing Crossfit ! Mark had started and loved it , then the kids joined but i was so scared to join because i had had so many troubles with a shoulder injury from snow boarding ( and then” falling over” on a walk home from the village pub and injuring it again !) and I did not want it to flare up and all the” throwing heavy weights around amidst clouds of chalk dust” just looked too risky !!. JC kept persuading me to try it and promised me that i would be ok so I jumped in to CrossFit One X …and LOVED it . JC was absolutely true to his word…the shoulder has never flared up and if anything it is now so much stronger ! Thanks Coaches – absolutely down to you and your awesomeness
M: I started in 2014 at another local Crossfit gym. I found ONE nation because my two sons started taking the kids classes and I was so impressed with the level of coaching and facilities that I signed up immediately.

What’s a day in your life look like?
E: Love doing a mix of One X and Crossfit Classes depending on whether I am working in the morning or not . I used to work at White House Black Market but now at LifeTime Athletic Chestnut Hill on the Front desk for a couple of mornings a week . I totally attribute me getting the job to Crossfit as apparently a major part of the interview was how passionate you came across about fitness and how you live a healthy life style . All i did was talk about how Crossfit had changed my life and Macros !! In fact my Manager is now tracking her macros !!
I have two dogs- Penny and Sassy and i usually walk them straight after a workout in the Town forest for about 3 miles . Then Shower , lunch , errands and then out come the scales to weigh out what i am eating for dinner ! Both mark and I are down 20lbs and feeling the best we have felt for years – thanks Megan
M: It all depends if I’m travelling for business or not. If I’m home, then my day consists of a day at the office (I’m in sales for a Cyber Security firm) followed by the 4.30 or 5.30 class before heading home for dinner with the family. When I’m travelling for business then it’s a haze of airports, hotels and restaurants with the odd Crossfit gym thrown in.

Name one fitness goal and/or personal record you would like to accomplish?
E: the elusive pull up !!!
M: I’ve been counting macros for a few months now and I’ve lost over 20lb. I’d like to lose another 10lb to get to my ideal weight. From a fitness perspective, I’d love to get a muscle up – it doesn’t have to be pretty!

Favorite “CrossFit” movement and WOD?
E: DEADLIFT all the way !! Also love any WOD with movements like burpess, box jumps, kettle bells
M: I’m going to contradict myself here, because my two favorite movements are running and rowing, but my favorite WOD is Annie, which has neither. I just love it because I know I can do it anywhere I travel to, as long as I have my rope. I must have done that WOD in every city I’ve travelled to.

If you were a meat or vegetable, nut or seed, a fruit, a starch or a sugar – what would you be and why?
E: Prosecco – thats a fruit right ?
M: Can I be beer? Emma says I’ve drunk enough to have turned into one by now.

If you were creating the playlist for a class ONE Nation, what are your three must have songs?
E: DJ Khaled – For Free, Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy (Dave Morales Mix – has to be this mix !), Warren Clarke Soul Junky Remix – The Bitch is Back
M: I like very loud house or rap music when I’m working out, so I’m happy with anything that meets that criteria. If I HAD to choose three, then I’d go back to the mid 90’s for some UK house music – notice I didn’t choose my own, it really was THAT bad.

1. Yeke Yeke – Mory Kante (Hardfloor remix)
2. Born Slippy – Underworld
3. Passion – Gat Decor

Favorite lifetime summer vacation?
E: Hiking Yosemite with Marks and the boys so far . Something that really didn’t excite me when we booked it but it was so amazing !
M: We’ve traveled a lot and I have to say that South Africa was one of the most amazing places I’ve been to – being on safari was just amazing! – that being said, we went to Yosemite a couple of years ago and I was just blown away by it.