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Starting at CrossFit ONE Nation Monday, May 8

Hey guys! We will be starting HAM Plan affiliate programming this week brought to you by Spencer Hendel and Austin Malleolo! There will be a few changes to how you will be able to see the workout of the day each night, but other than that, there will be not much different for you from day to day!

What is it?
You class structure will remain the same – your hour will still consist of an instructor-led warm up, skill development and the CrossFit WODs we know and love! As before, class will have finishers and auxiliary work for some extra skill work, strength and fun!

NEW // Auxiliary or Extra Credit
Some new stuff you will see each week are three “Extra Credit” workouts that will be posted each Monday. You can choose to do any of them on any day OUTSIDE of class. Please check in with the coach on the floor so we can find you a space to work! It will be programed as not to interfere with the daily programming, but to enhance it. These are not mandatory but here to give you some direction if you want a little extra work throughout the week!

NEW // ONE-X Programming!
Redesigned to fit your busy, on the go lifestyle which also includes fitness — this program will be a daily “power hour” of warm up, workout, accessory work and cool down, all in the confines of 1 hour! The goal of this program is to get it in, and get on with your life wherever you are and whatever your fitness or ability level is!

Where can I view it?
You will go to the new DAILY WORKOUTS tab on the website to view the workout of the day. Once you get there you will be prompted to choose your home location, then enter your username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, no worries, click here to reset your password. Your username is the email address you gave us when you signed up with ONE Nation! If you’ve forgotten the email address you signed up with, send a note to your corresponding head coach — either or — and we will dig it up for you.

Once you enter it in, you will see the workout of the day and be able to log your score here as well! To clarify this, the workout of the day will no longer be visible on our public blog or Facebook page! For the 8:01 PM cherry-pickers, you’ll have to download the Triib app for iPhone and Android devices to have easy access to our daily programming pushed nightly to your phone !

We are excited to roll this out and we hope you enjoy it!